The most convenient parking is available on Sadamarket’s underground level, where is a guarded parking area under video surveillance. The entrance is located from Kai street, please take a parking ticket from machine before entering. The first 30 minutes are free, for every next hour will cost you 1 euro. Payment has to be made before leaving the parking area. During opening hours you can pay at the Viinapörssi shop cashier or at the information desk. After 19:00 the payment is transacted at the security point.

6 parking places are reserved for Viinapörssi shop buyers, who always enjoy free parking. To get a free parking don’t forget to stamp your parking ticket at the Viinapörssi cash counter. Please follow parking area signs.

In case of problems, please call us +372 661 45 50.

Please pay attention, the paid parking area is everywhere in Tallinn city center and harbour area. Parking is totally prohibited in several places. Please follow traffic signs.