Sadamarket shopping centre is located within a striking distance of A, B and D terminals of Tallinn Passenger Port. Section A of Sadamarket was opened in June 2001, section B was constructed 6 months later, and section C started in December 2005. The shopping centre is open daily from 8:00 until 19:00.

Sadamarket is very well known among millions of tourists visiting Estonia every year. The shopping centre enjoys great popularity among Finnish guests, who like shopping and spending their time here. However, you must be going a wrong way thinking that Sadamarket is a place oriented exclusively to tourists - convenient location in the city center, organic building planning and significant number of shops attract locals buyers as well.

Our shopping centre offers a large choice of consumer goods, foodstuff, natural products, medicines, handicrafts, souvenirs, clothes and shoes, goods for fishing and other kinds of leisure activity, alcohol and tobacco goods. It can be said with certainty that we have almost all.

Located on the 1st floor the alcohol shop Alkopörssi will impress with its large selection and moderate prices even experienced connoisseurs. You can also pick up your order made online.

Good news for those who care about looking healthy: there is a number of beauty salons in the center. Spend a few hours in a quiet and relaxing environment under the supervision of experienced and certified masters. If you wish to decorate your body with a state-of-the-art tattoo or get an unusual piercing, please feel free to visit tattoo salon.

Our guests may come for lunch and spend a nice time in the comfortable restaurant or they can have a pint of real German beer in the pub, where in the summertime you may take a table on the open terrace with a good view to the Old Town. Take a cup of coffee with cakes and chat with your friends you can in cafe. For meat-lovers we recommend to visit grill-restaurant-friendly staff and delicious kitchen make you back here again and again.

For those who are looking for entertainment, night clubs open their doors, famous dance parties and striptease are held there.

There are some office rooms in the building rented by various companies.

There is a 24h open parking on the underground level. The parking area is under video monitoring, so you can leave your car safely there. First 30 minutes are free, every next hour will cost you 1 euro.

If you arrive with baggage and do not want to be burdened while shopping, you will need a luggage storage place which is located at the information desk, on the 1st floor. You can cash out with ATM of SEB bank standing near the information desk.

You are welcome to visit the Sadamarket shopping center! You will find there everything you are looking for!

Kai 5 / Sadama 6, Tallinn, Estonia
Tel. +372 6614550 , Fax +372 6614501
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